Mario Party: Star Rush – Time To Get The Party Started Trailer

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the Mario Party series. It started off great with innovative mini-games and some crazy fun times. However, late in the N64 cycle and throughout the GameCube era the series became an almost yearly occurrence, which led to stagnation and mediocre gameplay.



It returned to form with Mario Party 8 on the Wii as many of the mini-games felt fresh and exciting with the Wii Remote controls. However, both 9 and 10 were disappointing as they stuck all players in a vehicle together in an attempt to make the game progress at a faster pace. It didn’t feel right, and I grew to dislike the series.

With Mario Party: Star Rush I have newfound hope that this might be the one that really takes the game to the next level. There are tons of modes to play through and the game is doing some cool new things by changing up some of the core gameplay mechanics. Sure, it still lacks an online mode, something many gamers have been wanting for a very long time. But, it does at least allow up to four players to game together with one copy of the game, which at least makes it more affordable. I look forward to giving the game a try once it releases on November 4 in North America. For more screens, art, videos, and more, check out our preview.


Craig Majaski

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