Amazon Shows Oct. 31 Release For 2DS New Colors

The 2DS is getting a color swap. Instead of the front facing the player being black, that color is moving to the back of the unit. And the previous colors, blue and red, are moving to the front. The change is a welcome one and I think they look much improved. We showed you the video of Luigi “screwing up” the color scheme the other day, but until now we weren’t sure when they’d be showing up in stores.

In with the new.
In with the new.

Today Amazon put them up for pre-order and they show them arriving on Halloween. That doesn’t mean you won’t see them sooner than that, but that’s the date being given at this time. Remember the new-colored systems retail for $79.99 and come with a free digital copy of Mario Kart 7. Click the links below to order one!


Craig Majaski

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