Nintendo NX Rumors Reach Fever Pitch

All eyes are on Nintendo and its upcoming new platform, codenamed NX. As we look forward to the last few weeks of October, the NX rumor mill has begun churning faster than ever. We’ve seen prior predictions of an NX reveal come and go, with many in the industry thinking it would be shown off in September. I’ve maintained on the site and on our podcasts that if Nintendo doesn’t talk about it by the end of October that it could very well see a delay past its previously announced March 2017 release date. Indeed, about three weeks ago I wrote an article stating that I felt an NX reveal would probably happen soon, based on the rumors that had leaked out back then.

It now looks like this could be the week we hear something. I’m not going to hop on board the hype train and say that we’ll see the system this week, but according to a lot of chatter across the gaming sphere, it appears some type of an announcement could happen. Perhaps we could see an announcement of an announcement? Your guess is as good as mine, but let’s examine some of the rumblings to see why more and more people are thinking this could be the week.

The rumor that placed this week in the crosshairs for a potential reveal came from the site Seeking Alpha, which reported that the investment firm Macquarie had downgraded Nintendo’s stock to Neutral from its previous Outperform rating. This was primarily due to two pieces of information: that the NX will be more expensive than initially thought ($299 to $349) and that Super Mario Run wouldn’t be launching on Android or China this year. The juicy bit of information buried here was that they expect the reveal of the system to come “next week”, which would mean this week since this article was written last week (phew!).

It wasn’t until today, however, that the rumors began snowballing in earnest and we had several prominent Twitter personalities and media begin to hint that something is coming very soon from Nintendo. Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

Speculation is Nintendo would unveil NX details in coming week. I guess all we can do is just wait. No announcement from company yet.

He followed up with:

For me, it would be great if NX news is out this week. Earnings from next week, then we have Pro & Nes, Pokémon, FF, holiday season..busy. But I have no idea whether it will be this week.

Another famous Twitter personality that has broken some Nintendo news in the past is Emily Rogers. Typically her Twitter account is locked to private, but today she removed that restriction for the next week or two because it’s a “special occasion”. She tweeted earlier today:

So…Both this week and next week should be interesting.

She then clarified with two more tweets:

I believe this week is an important week for NX. Next week’s investors meeting will answer more questions about NX.

NX is not getting delayed. It’s on schedule. It launches in March. News is coming this week and next week.

Neal Ronaghan, site director for Nintendo World Report also tweeted the following statement:

People are buzzing so I’ll lay down what I’ve heard: NX news within the week.

Now, when exactly this news is going to hit is anyone’s guess, but there has been some good speculation out there. Over the past few years it hasn’t been unusual for Nintendo to announce a Nintendo Direct on a Tuesday and then air it 48 to 72 hours later. If this were to be the case this week, that would put the NX announcement on Thursday or Friday. Some intrepid NeoGAF members think that October 21 makes the most sense because it would be the fifth anniversary of the first Nintendo Direct. Sure, why not?

It is important to remember that Nintendo will host its Quarter 2 Investor’s Meeting on October 26th in Japan, which means it could very well have more information on the NX at that time. It might make sense for them to reveal the system prior to the meeting to freely talk about expectations. Then again, this is Nintendo and they very much do their own thing.

I know I’m excited to finally find out details about the NX. The silence from Nintendo has been deafening and I hope these rumors have merit and that we don’t have much longer to wait. Who knows, perhaps in in the next few days we’ll finally have some real concrete information from Nintendo? Or not.

Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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