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Nintendo Switch Not Backward Compatible

When the Nintendo Switch was unveiled yesterday, it confirmed that games would ship on small game cards, similar to what we’ve seen with the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Despite lacking two screens, we wondered if it would be possible to play 3DS games on the new device. Unfortunately that appears to not be the case, and indeed (for obvious reasons) Wii U games will not work either.


Famitsu asked Nintendo several questions about the Switch during an interview. Since the Switch is a brand new device and ditches the Wii and DS legacy, it will not play any of the physical media those two systems employed. Of course this doesn’t preclude those games from appearing on the eShop or Virtual Console, but Nintendo hasn’t begun talking about its digital storefront yet. Obviously if this came to be, you’d have to most likely repurchase your games, so don’t ditch your Wii U and 3DS just yet.


[Source: Perfectly Nintendo]

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