Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Announced For 3DS


On today’s Monster Hunter Direct stream in Japan, Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) was announced for Nintendo 3DS. It will be arriving on March 18, 2017 in Japan and appears to be a slight sequel X, which is known as Monster Hunter Generations in the West. Players will be able to transfer their data from the original game to the new one to be able to begin with the new content the game has.


There will be two new hunter styles for a total of six. New monsters were shown, including two flagship beasts. G-Rank has been added as well.

No word on if this game will come out in North America, but sales of the series have been doing better so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it release. Also, it’s too bad the game wasn’t created for Nintendo Switch, but perhaps a new entry in the series is being prepared for Nintendo’s new system.



Craig Majaski

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