Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

We were promised a few months ago that a Nintendo Direct would arrive on November 2 focused entirely on the update that will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. True to their word, we have confirmation that it will air tomorrow at 7 a.m. PT / 9 a.m CT / 10 a.m. ET right here. We already know that the game is getting patched to allow for amiibo support.


In addition to the Animal Crossing amiibo figures that are already in circulation, the game will be able to utilize the Animal Crossing amiibo cards as well. A new set will arrive on December 2, and simply tapping them to the bottom screen of a New 3DS will allow that character to instantly visit your town in an RV filled with interior designs and items unique to that animal.


Tomorrow’s video should clarify more details about the update as well as give us an exact date the update will be made available. For those who have yet to buy the game, you could buy the Nintendo Selects version right now for $19.99 and update the game when it becomes available. Or, you can wait and buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo, which will include a free amiibo card. A firm release date hasn’t been confirmed, but we expect it to be announced tomorrow.


Craig Majaski

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