Rumor: Nintendo Switch To Launch On March 17 In Europe

Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has went to Twitter to divulge that she’s heard that the Nintendo Switch will launch in Europe on March 17, 2017. Keep in mind that she has been very correct with a series of rumors dating back to summer, and her source is the same one who tipped her off about when the reveal trailer would air.


The March 17 date will not be the same worldwide. She has been told that the Japanese launch might be a few days earlier, but the current plan is to release the system in all major territories during the same week. Looking ahead at the calendar, I couldn’t help but notice that March 17 lands on a Friday. Nintendo has been releasing many products on Fridays for the past few years in North America, so I could see the Nintendo Switch following suit. Could we be just over four months away from playing a new Nintendo system? I hope The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a launch game. Best. Saint. Patrick’s. Day. Ever. If this comes true, of course. Still, I was kind of hoping for a March 10 release date as it’s Mario Day (Mar10). Who knows, plans can change, right?



[Source: Laura Kate Dale]

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