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I love it when announcements of new games come out of nowhere, especially when it tickles my nostalgia bone. I’m a huge fan of the original Blaster Master game on the NES. While its difficulty was brutal, it was one of the best looking and sounding games to ever appear on the system. I loved its Metroid-like world design and backtracking across the map to find new power-ups was a great time.

Inti Creates, the development studio that created Mighty No. 9 as well as games in the Mega Man series has just announced a brand new game in the Blaster Master universe. Called Blaster Master Zero, the team is using the original game as a base to create a fully 8-bit experience that gives players a taste of the golden age of NES games, while at the same time utilizing the toolset in current generation hardware to optimize and power-up the game for players today. This game will include new areas and bosses, as well as new gameplay elements like extra sub-weapons not seen in the original title. The game will also have expanded exploration mechanics, a more robust scenario, and improved gameplay when battling outside of your SOPHIA 3rd tank.

Much like the original game, the beginning story to Zero is absurd, but still brings a smile to my face. You play a guy named Jason, who is a genius in the field of robotic engineering. One day he found a creature that he had never seen before. He named it Fred and began his observations in earnest. One day Fred escaped and jumped down a hole. Jason followed and discovered an entire subterranean world where humanity once resided. A huge tank-like vehicle sat there, beckoning for Jason to hop in. And thus, his adventure of a lifetime begins.

From the screenshot released so far, the game is going to retain the same graphical style of the original NES title, with a bit more detail and more colors on the screen. The overhead portions look very similar to the original game as well, but the annoying flickering and slowdown should be absent in this new version.



[Source: Inti Creates]

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