NES Classic Edition Developer Interviews

Next Friday, November 11, the NES Classic Edition finally arrives at retailers across the country. It comes packed in with 30 virtual Game Paks that are sure to provide endless hours of fun for veteran gamers and newcomers alike. We’ve covered the details of what’s included in the box, but Nintendo has started a series of interviews with the developers of some of the games included and we wanted to make you aware of them.

Mr. Miyamoto is the first one interviewed and he talks about the inception of the NES Classic Edition as well as details on how Donkey Kong came into existence. There are plenty of cool little tidbits here that are absolutely fascinating to read about 35 years after the game debuted in the arcade. Learn all about how Mario and Donkey Kong were named, why voice samples were removed from the game, and Miyamoto’s slight disappointment with the Famicom (NES) version of the game.

Mr. Sakamoto talks about Balloon Fight and gives inside knowledge on its development. He tells a few stories about different facets of the game’s development, and even mentions the late Mr. Iwata and his involvement with the title.

More interviews are going to appear soon. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Legend of Zelda are all slated to be discussed in the near future. We will keep you updated. Be sure to check out Nintendo’s official NES Classic Edition site for more information as well!


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