Miitomo 2.0 Hands-On Impressions

Good news everyone, Miitomo is back up and running! The updated software is full of new enhancements that add a little more meat to it. While they don’t fundamentally change the app, the additions create an extra layer of things to do, especially if all of your friends have stopped playing. As a reminder, here is what’s been changed:




Upon booting up the app for the first time after the update, get ready for a lengthy wait time as the app installs the new content and features. During this time you can tap the Miitomo Play Coin icon as fast as you can to earn more money to spend on clothes. I thought this was a nice touch and it seemed to pass the time a bit faster.

Once you’re past the install phase you’ll be greeted with several messages from Nintendo. They notify you of some of the new features as well as give you some cool bonus stuff for logging into the updated app. One of the biggest new additions is that you can now customize your living space by changing the wallpaper, floor, and putting up posters. The posters can consist of any photo on your smart device (NSFW?) or any Miifoto that you’ve created or taken. You can select the size of the poster and place it in many different locations in your room. A new Miitomo Drop has also been introduced to allow you to spend Tickets or Coins for a chance to win new flooring and wallpaper.




Also new to the app is the ability to send a message directly to anyone on your friends list. This is sort of like Facebook Messenger, but your Mii actually delivers the message. It works rather well and seems to be be quick as I was testing it out with a friend.

To reward you for testing out the new features in the app, Nintendo gives you some new items. Check out the tasks and rewards below:



A cool new area to visit is Answer Central. It’s a never-ending stream of other Miitomo users’ (not just your friends) answers to public questions. You can heart their comments or even reply if you like. You earn coins and rewards by doing so.



One last feature that I really haven’t had time to mess around with yet is the ability to create sidekick Miis. These can be used to send messages to your friends or just to hang out in a different room. This sounds like it could be fun to experiment with, but I didn’t have the time to get all creative and make new characters.

Overall, the update is nice and I can see myself checking in a bit more often than I have been. It’s not going to change your life or anything, but for those that liked it before there’s even more incentive to come back on a regular basis. I would have liked to see it add furniture as well, but perhaps that will come in time.




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