NES Classic Edition Super Mario Bros & SMB 3 Developer Interview

Some of the development staff at Nintendo has been around since the early ’80s. The first time Mr. Miyamoto, Tezuka, and Kondo worked on a project together was for a game called Devil World, which never released on the NES in the United States. Our first exposure to their teamwork was with Excitebike and Super Mario Bros., an amazing game that made Mario a household name and helped to catapult the NES to meteoric sales.


In celebration of the NES Classic Edition mini-console, Nintendo has published a series of interviews with the developers of some of the games included in the package. This time around it’s all about the original Super Mario Bros. game as well as my favorite, Super Mario Bros. 3 – one of the most original games ever conceived.


The interview is a fascinating read and gives valuable insight into how each game was developed. Did you know that Super Mario Bros. is a culmination of all of Miyamoto’s past works? He liked the idea of the scrolling play field in Excitebike and wanted to make a game with large characters and courses that scrolled. Since the Famicom Disk System was set to release the following year, Miyamoto wanted to make Super Mario Bros. the grand culmination of all Famicom/NES cartridges. Of course the Disk Drive system never released in the U.S., so many future games had to be converted from disk to cart in the States.

Be sure to check out the full interview at the link below!

[Source: Nintendo]

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