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Toys R Us Canada Lists Nintendo Switch For $329 ($245 U.S.)

We are still about two months away from the official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch. This event will showcase future software for the new device as well as price point and release date.

Today, the Canadian Toys R Us website updated its Nintendo Switch page to show a retail price of $329.99. Keep in mind that given current Canadian exchange rates that would put the Switch at about $245 in the U.S. Usually most retailers will put a high placeholder price in place when the pricing isn’t announced. That’s why it’s interesting to see this pricing as it seems like it could be legitimate.



This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the Switch would be released at a lower price than previous systems this generation. If you recall, the Xbox One launched at $499.99 and the PS4 came out at $399.99. The Wii U launched in two configurations: $299 and $349. If this pricing ends up being accurate, that means the Switch will launch at a comparable price point to the original Wii back in 2006. That system sold extraordinarily well, thanks in part to its pricing and innovative game controls. With both PS4 and Xbox One hitting $249.99 this Black Friday, it makes sense that Nintendo would want its new console to come in at the same price or below.

Of course, nothing is confirmed until Nintendo makes it official. Still, I’ve said multiple times on our podcast that they need to launch at $299 or under – preferably $199 if they could swing it. After seeing the Switch reveal I began to think that maybe they’d hit the $299 mark, but should really aim for $249. Hopefully this Toys R Us price ends up being the real deal. Nintendo needs the Switch launch to be bold and impactful if it hopes to compete over the next five years.


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