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Rumor: New Version of Pokémon Sun & Moon Coming To Switch

Remember the good old days when Pokémon games would release and then a year or so later a third “ultimate” edition would come out? You know, Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. Well, it appears that Nintendo is going back to that strategy with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Except this time it will jump from 3DS to an exclusive Nintendo Switch game. And, it’s coming sooner than you think.

According to Eurogamer, the new Pokémon game is well into development and will launch next year. Its codename is Pokémon Stars, which would fit well into the Sun/Moon naming scheme. This would mark the first time that a mainline game in the franchise will be playable on a home console. Sure, the Switch can be taken on the go and does double duty as a handheld as well, but it will be nice to play the game on the big screen while at home.


Pokémon Stars’ development shouldn’t be seen as taking anything away from Sun and Moon’s launch – this is how all third entries in the Pokémon franchise are developed.

And there will be reason to play both: Pokémon will be tradable between Sun/Moon and Stars via the Pokémon Bank app. We’ve also heard suggestion there will be more creatures to collect in the Switch version, although not all of our sources could confirm this.

Expect the Switch version of Sun and Moon to feature the same map – the same routes and cities – and the same art style, although be built using separate, higher-resolution assets.


This news shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to readers of this site. If you recall, back in September the head of the Pokémon Company went on record with the Wall Street Journal that they are making games for the NX (Switch).

Pokémon Stars was initially planned for a summer 2017 release, but the development is taking a little longer than expected. It should still make it out next year, but I’d expect it closer to holiday.


[Source: Eurogamer]

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1 thought on “Rumor: New Version of Pokémon Sun & Moon Coming To Switch

  • DeadSleepGod

    “it will jump from 3DS to an exclusive Nintendo Switch game”

    Should hope they mean by having a 3DS 3rd game version compatible with a Switch “version” because shilling out for a new console and locked in game for only it wouldn’t be much of an economic power move.


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