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Rumor: Ubisoft Developing Mario & Rabbids Crossover RPG For Switch

According to Laura Dale of Let’s Play Video Games, a reliable source for past Nintendo Switch rumors, her sources at Ubisoft and Nintendo have confirmed that a new Ubisoft-developed turn-based RPG will be available the day the new system launches. The working title is apparently Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids.


The title will focus on the Mario universe being invaded by Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters, some friend and some foe, and will feature a new Bowser form based around the design of the Rabbids as a recurring boss enemy. While there will be numerous cameo appearances from the Mario series’ best known characters, the core party will feature numerous, more minor characters. There is a particular focus on Yoshi as a primary party member, alongside a playable Rabbid.


While this news is unexpected and strange, any and all exclusives to the Switch are of course good news. It will need to set itself apart from the competition if it hopes to capture marketshare.

However, the one glaring thing that gives me pause about this rumor is its supposed launch day release. Assuming the latest rumors are true, we know that Zelda is missing the Switch launch and that a brand new 3D Mario game in the vein of Galaxy is taking its spot on launch day. I have trouble believing that Nintendo would release two new Mario games on the same day. Sure, they would be in different genres, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to public perception. It could easily confuse customers and I just can’t see this scenario playing out. I don’t believe both games will be at launch, but we shall see. January 12 can’t come soon enough!


[Source: Let’s Play Video Games]

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