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Rumors: Xenoblade Chronicles X Coming To Switch & More

I have to admit that there have been a ton of rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch over the past month. So many, in fact, that’s it can be difficult to keep track of all of the information being passed around. One of the more reliable sources of rumors has been Laura Dale from Let’s Play Video Games. That’s why we’ve reported her rumors over the past few months.


Today she went to Twitter and posted a list of games that she’s heard are making their way to the Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that some of these have only one source, meaning that we are in heavy rumor territory, and until Nintendo officially announces products we should take these with a grain of salt. Also, this list is far from all-inclusive. Nintendo no doubt has many more games in development and there are bound to be surprises that haven’t leaked yet. So, here’s the lineup that’s been rumored so far:


Launch Games:

3D Mario – shown in the Switch preview trailer and more like a traditional Mario game – not the recent 3D World or 3D Land titles

Mario Rabbids RPG – Created by developers at Ubisoft with heavy supervision from Nintendo to guarantee day-one availability

Splatoon port – Most likely a remake with new gear, levels, and weapons and possibly a pack-in with the more expensive bundle

Just Dance 2017 – 100% confirmed as a launch game from Ubisoft and will utilize the JoyCon controllers fro motion detection

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – This one has multiple sources insisting it’s a launch game, but there is some doubt that it will make it out on day one


First Six Months:

Super Mario Maker port – No credible information on what’s been added or changed

Mario Kart 8 port – An enhanced version of the Wii U game with new characters, the ability to hold two items at the same time, and supposedly a brand new revamped battle mode

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch – A port of the Wii U version and the Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo would release the same day

Guardians of the Galaxy – Telltale’s newest adventure game is in the works for the Switch and will be available near launch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Will release simultaneously for the Switch and Wii U sometime this summer and a demo is currently in development

Xenoblade Chronicles X port – Most likely arriving late summer, but no word on enhancements or changes yet

The Silver Case – Could hit near launch depending on how long to port from PS4



Pokémon Stars – The third game in the Sun/Moon line that will most likely come out in October or November

Pikmin 4 – Apparently a reboot for the franchise and won’t contain the sequel number and could be ready for autumn



Beyond Good & Evil – Switch exclusive that’s not a direct sequel, but instead a semi-reboot


Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of games coming to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, we know of more, such as Dragon Quest X and XI, both of which have been confirmed previously to be releasing for Nintendo’s new system. The above are ones that Laura has personally heard about. She doesn’t have solid sources at every third party studio. Nintendo will hold its unveiling of the system on January 12, 2017 and we should get a much clearer picture of what’s on the way for the Switch.


Most of these rumors make sense, but some of the timing seems off to me. I don’t think Nintendo would want to release two Mario games on the same day, even if they are different genres. I also don’t think they would want to have Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X release so close together, as the latter is a huge game requiring lots of time an the former could potentially take a very long time to explore the massive world. I’m looking forward to finally having official concrete information to make sense of Nintendo’s release schedule.


[Source: Laura Dale]

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