VIDEO: Mario Party Star Rush Launch Trailer

Mario Party Star Rush has been available on the 3DS for a few weeks now. As the holidays rapidly approach, families will be coming together for celebrations across the country. Assuming you have enough 3DS or 2DS systems at the ready, Mario Party Star Rush could be just the piece of software you’re looking for to keep the kids (and adults) entertained.

The new game supports up to four players at the same time. Unlike prior Mario Party games, this one has a mode that allows everyone to roll the dice and move at the same time instead of taking turns. This speeds up the overall gameplay session and creates a sense of urgency that has been lacking in previous entries. Only one copy of the game is needed to play the multiplayer modes. The other players simply have to download the Mario Party Star Rush: Party Guest software from the Nintendo eShop, free of charge.

The new trailer below covers many of the modes and shows off how the game plays. Don’t forget to read our full review for more details. Happy Holidays!



Craig Majaski

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