VIDEO: Miitopia Japanese In-Depth Trailer

Miitopia is without a doubt one of the strangest games I’ve seen on 3DS in quite some time. It’s a brand new RPG from Nintendo for the 3DS that stars your Mii characters as the heroes (and enemies?). It looks like it combines some of the zaniness of Tomodachi Life with the Find Mii Street Plaza RPG/Adventure game.

It is receiving a ton of promotion in Japan, with huge signs and banners plastered across the country and commercials airing pretty heavily. Even after watching the in-depth preview (it’s in Japanese), it can leave one wondering just what the heck the game is all about. Will it be released in North America? It’s hard to say, but given that it’s internally developed at Nintendo there does stand a decent chance of it coming our way.



Over at the NeoGAF forums, user Shikamaru Ninja was gracious enough to summarize some of the details of Miitopia. You can read his findings below:


Developer Details
– Developed by Nintendo EPD in-house
– Producer is Koichi Kawamoto, who’s team developed Brain Age, AR Games, Find Mii
– He added some staff from Tomodachi Collection and the Mii Channels
– Yoshiaki Koizumi from Tokyo office might be the General Producer (rumor)

Game Details
– Kawamoto describes it as a Social RPG with a main quest of 30 hours
– A natural evolution of his Find Mii game, with heavy inspiration from Tomodachi Collection (even mentions a graphic designer from Tomodachi Collection joined this project)
– Mii Contest Channel integration
– eating food is a huge element of the game
– interesting locales and bosses
– Amiibo support
– Over 300 items
– Characters are very customizable


[Source: NeoGAF]

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