Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Details Emerge

The January issue of Game Informer has shipped and new details for Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World have emerged. This 3DS port of the Wii U game that released last year is scheduled to launch on February 3, 2017. Part of the draw of the portable version is that brand new stages and challenges will feature Poochy, the adorable dog who must make it to the end of special runner stages, all the while trying to collect as many gems as possible. Unfortunately there are only five such stages added to the game, but if you’ve never played the Wii U version, then the entire game is new to you!

Another addition, which was talked about briefly during the Nintendo Direct earlier this year, is the ability to edit and create new Yoshi skins via the 3DS touchscreen. The Wii U version only featured different skins when you tapped specific amiibo to the GamePad.

Perhaps the most interesting news to come from Game Informer is that the port will run better on the New 3DS than the original models. Thanks to its more powerful CPU, the New 3DS will display the game at 60 frames-per-second, whereas the original models will be stuck at 30. That’s a nice perk for those of us that have the upgraded system.

The only real bummer about this port is that Nintendo has axed the two player co-op support that was included in the Wii U version. I really wish Nintendo wouldn’t get so hung up over including co-op modes in its 3DS platformers. Just once I’d like for them to allow the co-op mode, while not restricting both players to the same screen. Since each player would have his or her own view, it would be fun if they’d create a platforming game that allowed for one player to go ahead in the level without having to worry about the other person. This is definitely an opportunity missed, but the core game is so much fun to play that if you missed the Wii U version, the 3DS game should definitely be on your radar.



For more information, be sure to check out our preview. It will be updated through launch with new screens and videos.


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