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Sphinx Most Likely Headed To Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic announced today that it has acquired the rights to the following franchises: Sphinx (and the Cursed Mummy), War Leaders: Clash of Nations, and Legends of War. The most well-known of the bunch among Nintendo fans is Sphinx, which came out on the GameCube and was actually a fairly fun adventure game. It sounds like a version of that game or a brand new sequel could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Lars Wingefors, founder of THQ Nordic said:


“Due to our love for these types of games they were natural acquisition targets, however this financially a smaller acquisition it adds up to our portfolio. Moreover, we also got a lot of messages from fans that encouraged us to add them to our portfolio. Among these titles, Sphinx (and the Cursed Mummy) is very well suited for the Nintendo audience – which we love to support. We are excited for Nintendo Switch, Nintendos new platform, and already have two other projects in development for it.”


So, not only is Sphinx most likely headed to Switch, but two other projects are being developed for the system as well. One of those is most likely the Darksiders Warmastered Edition that was slated to come to Wii U, but was silently canned. The other could very well be a port of Darksiders II, since that was already reworked onto every console imaginable and would seemingly be an easy fit for the Switch. Of course, this is just speculation and THQ Nordic could surprise us with different games.

For those unfamiliar with Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, below is a trailer for the game for the PS2/Xbox/GameCube. It would need some serious work to be remastered for today’s gamer.



[Source: THQ Nordic]

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