VIDEO: Goodbye! BoxBoy! Announced For Japan

BoxBoy is a lovable action/platform puzzle game series currently available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It features a minimalistic graphic style with a simple box as the protagonist. Nintendo of Japan just announced today that the final game in the series, translated as Goodbye! BoxBoy! will come out on the Japanese eShop on February 2, 2017 for 680 yen.



A special retail version will also be released on cartridge for 3456 yen, and will contain all three BoxBoy games. This limited edition will come packaged with a BoxBoy amiibo, which will offer special functionality in the game, and a CD  containing 34 musical tracks from the series.




Nintendo of America has yet to officially announce the release over here, but given that the prior two games came out, I think it’s pretty safe to expect the third one to hit the eShop. However, when it comes to releasing the physical game and amiibo, the chances drastically drop. Hopefully it will make its way across the Pacific.


[Source: Nintendo of Japan]

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