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Rumor: Dark Souls Trilogy In Consideration For Switch

After a few weeks of silence, the rumor mill is once again abuzz about the Nintendo Switch. This time it concerns From Software, a third party licensee listed as creating games for Nintendo’s new device. According to Let’s Play Video Games, the developer has been able to get Dark Souls III up and running on the Switch and are now dabbling with the possibility of porting over the entire trilogy.


They have not committed to releasing it yet, but discussions internally at the company have discussed the financial viability of re releasing the main three Dark Souls titles on the Switch with their DLC bundled in.

Development on a Switch port has been underway for several months via a small team, with From Software waiting to see initial sales data before committing to producing ports. The plan would be for a Switch rerelease of Dark Souls 3 if greenlit to release the same day as PS4, Xbox One and PC receive versions with all DLC included.


So, it looks like From Software may be taking a wait-and-see approach to see how well the Nintendo Switch sells out of the gate. If it performs well, we could possibly see Dark Souls games being played on the go! Let’s hope this comes to pass, as I know plenty of gamers that would be ecstatic by this news.


[Source: Let’s Play Video Games]


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