VIDEOS: Dragon Quest XI Trailer & In-Game Footage

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest in Japan. It’s by far one of the most successful RPGs in that market and it happens to be one of my favorite series as well. The first game was released as Dragon Warrior in the United States. It came out in 1989 for the NES and I received it for Christmas from my Grandma. It was truly the first turn-based RPG I had ever played and I remember seeking the help and guidance of my trusty Nintendo Power. My Grandma would pass away a few months later, but I’ll never forget how she helped shape my love for Japanese RPGs.

That’s why I’m beyond excited for Dragon Quest XI. It’s been seven years since we’ve gotten a brand new mainline game released in the United States. Sure, we have had ports and remakes, of which I fully admit I have enjoyed immensely. But, it’s time for a new story and a new world to explore!

Square Enix showed off a brand new trailer for Dragon Quest XI. It’s scheduled to release in 2017 in Japan. No word on a release on this side of the Pacific, but I’m pretty confident we will see it get localized, most likely sometime in 2018.



They also showed off in-game footage of the PlayStation 4 version, and wow does it look pretty! The graphics are colorful and the landscapes look gorgeous. It reminds me of a turbocharged Dragon Quest 8 or 10. Remember, Dragon Quest XI is supposedly going to make its way to Nintendo Switch at some point in the future, so the PS4 footage could be close to what we might see on the new device. Perhaps we’ll hear more after Nintendo’s Switch Presentation on January 12, 2017?



Not to be outdone, the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI is looking very nice as well! It gives players the option to play with 3D polygonal graphics or the old-school 2D visuals, which really dials up that nostalgia factor.



Conspicuously missing from all of the trailers and footage are the battle scenes. We’ve seen a screenshot of the PS4 version before, but it’s an odd omission. Perhaps Square Enix is just holding that part back for future conferences over the next few months.



It’s impossible to know for sure if both versions will get localized or only one. The tricky part is that Nintendo of America has been picking up the publishing and advertising for Dragon Quest games over the past few years in the U.S. So, would they still foot the bill if a competing product was released on the PlayStation 4? I’m not so sure. Let’s hope something gets worked out so that all fans of the Dragon Quest universe can purchase it on their systems of choice.

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