Reminder: Best Buy Locations Will Have NES Classic Edition On Dec. 20

It’s been one of the most sought-after video game items of the holiday season, and now (as we reported previously) the NES Classic Edition will be available in limited quantities at Best Buy locations across North America.



On Tuesday, December 20 over 1000 Best Buy stores will have some up for sale. It will be first-come, first-served, and just like Black Friday, Best Buy will be handing out tickets for customers waiting in line. As always, limit one per customer.


Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, especially when it comes to video games.

Take the NES Classic Edition console. The throwback system quickly emerged as one of this year’s most sought-after holiday gifts, particularly for those who spent their youth sitting on the living room floor playing Super Mario Bros on the original, 8-bit Nintendo. When it launched last month, the NES Classic Edition was gone within mere minutes.

Still hoping to get your hands on this hard-to-get gift? We’ve got good news for you.

On Dec. 20, Best Buy will have limited quantities of the console available in more than 1,000 Big Box stores across the United States. The NES Classic Edition will not be available on

And take note, folks, the NES Classic Edition will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Just like on Black Friday, our stores will have a ticketing process for customers waiting in line. We will only pass out as many tickets as we have consoles available, and we’ll have a limit of one per customer.

“Two of the most common questions we’ve gotten this holiday season are, ‘Do you have the NES Classic edition?’ and ‘When will you get more?’” said Best Buy Senior Category Officer Amy College. “So we know this is one of the year’s hottest gifts, and we’re excited to give gaming fans one more chance to bring one home for the holidays.”

The NES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the NES, which was originally released in 1985. What’s in the box? The system comes with 30 pre-installed games, one controller, an HDMI cable and an AC adapter. Just plug the console into your TV, pick up the controller and be transported back to your childhood. Accessories like extra controllers will also be in limited quantities, too.

So if you’re looking to play Tecmo Bowl and Donkey Kong this holiday season, be sure to plan to be at your local Best Buy store ahead of time. There are bound to be lots of other fans hoping to be first in line.

And if you aren’t able to bring one home, you can still enjoy classics and stroll down memory lane with games like Legend of Zelda on the 3DS.


[Source: Best Buy]

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