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Nintendo Switch Rumors From Reddit AMA

Laura Dale from Let’s Play Video Games went on Reddit to answer questions about the Nintendo Switch. She’s been accurate in the past and so we felt it was worth sharing some of what she had to say. The following is a summary courtesy of Go Nintendo:


The following info comes from a Reddit AMA with games journalist Laura Kate Dale…

– surprises left for the Jan. 12th event
– a lot of third party stuff not touched on yet
– more hardware details
– UI system level info and other info not yet spoiled
– very info-heavy presentation
– at least one new unexpected IP
– Zelda: Breath of the Wild could make launch, but launching in June seems more likely
– initial reports stated 3 hours max battery, but no details on whether that’s full clock speed or portable clock speed
– longer battery estimates have since come out
– has heard about two third party exclusives, the Rabbids RPG, and one other
– suspects there’s a third third party exclusive as well
– Initial VC library won’t be a large amount of titles
– Wii U ports vary from extensive to minimal enhancements
– CGI teaser for BGE2 is in the works, less than a minute long, but may not air during the event
– Mother 3 rumor keeps floating around, but no more info to share
– Monolith Soft’s new project is something new, not the Xenoblade X Switch port
– this new title is in the same vain as Xenoblade and X in terms of combat style
– no reveals from Platinum
– price might start at $250, positive it will be below $300
– March 17th will be the release date for PAL regions and the rest of the world will get it the same week
– upgrade fee for VC games
– doesn’t think Retro Studios’ new project will be shown at the event
– Retro is not working on Metroid
– Mario game will be shown, playable at the press event and will launch day 1
– Luigi’s Mansion 3 still seems likely
– undocked games will still run better than Wii U games
– custom joy-cons will be a thing
– special kind of vibration in Joy-Cons
– Joy-Cons can can be charged via joy-con grip and will have about a 5 hour battery life
– very sure of there being a touch screen
– bluetooth capabilities, but not sure of what it’s used for
– Pro controller should have basic gyro controls
– holds up to 128 GB on Micro SD
– presentation should be 30-60 mins
– every major event between Jan 12 and Mar 17 will include hands on for the Switch
– no additional docks at launch, but will eventually see release
– carts are have a different shape when compared to 3DS/DS
– one dev kit went out in July and another more powerful one went out in October
– a lot of the specs info we’ve heard has been based on the July dev kit
– region free
– achievement system, but not sure if it’s different from the My Nintendo ones
– your account on the Switch will be the one you use for Miitomo/Mario Run


We don’t have much longer to wait to see how accurate her information turns out to be. In 16 days the Nintendo Switch live presentation takes place and we should learn a ton from it and the subsequent on-hand demos. We’ll keep you updated!



[Source: Go Nintendo]

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