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Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild New Screen

Nintendo’s Facebook page is releasing a new screenshot of the upcoming Breath of the Wild game every week until the game launches. So far we haven’t seen anything too new or exciting. Most of the screens have come from similar locations that had already been shown off in the E3 demo. Still, it’s nice to see different angles and some of the progress the game has made.


Exterminate! Exterminate!


In this new screen we see Link doing battle with an enemy in what appears to be the inside of one of the Shrines. It looks a bit like the Guardians seen on the overworld, but this one is a bit smaller in scale. I really love the graphical detail in this shot. The glow of the blue flames in the distance and the alien-looking lighting in the ceiling give this room an eerie sense of dread. In the lower left portion of the still image appears to be a doorway that’s blocked off. Perhaps defeating all of the enemies in the room will open it back up, or maybe a puzzle awaits.

For more screens, videos, and information, drop by our preview. We’ll continue to throw assets in there until the game releases sometime next year.


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