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More Confirmation Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Launching With Switch


Yesterday we posted a rumor that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could possibly be making the Switch launch after all. It had previously been rumored that it would miss the Switch launch and instead be released later in the summer. This appears to have changed, with both Laura Dale from Let’s Play Video Games and Emily Rogers going to Twitter today to change their positions. According to them, the game will launch alongside the Switch in North America this March. Laura said:


Contrary to my past report on BOTW release date it is 100% coming at Switch launch in North America in March. Have seen finalised materials. No clue why EU sources say June, but in NA at least BOTW will hit Switch day one. No clue on Wii U version. Possible explanations include EU delay, or Wii U delay. More than one print magazine has their Switch Issue finalised. Means certain info can now be better fact checked. I don’t know if this impacts any other launch day software. No clue if this pushes anything back but I’m digging for info.


Backing her up is Emily Rogers. Remember she was the one that originally mentioned that Zelda would see a delay. It appears she has seen proof that it will come out in March after all:


You get some rumors right, some wrong. I expect to be right on Mother 3, Mario Kart. I expect to be wrong on Zelda. It’s coming March in NA.


Emily is referring to her belief that Mother 3 is still coming to Virtual Console. Also, she insists that Mario Kart 8 will be getting an enhanced port to the Switch with some new tracks and characters.

During this whole time Nintendo hasn’t said a single word one way or another regarding the official release date of Zelda, other than it’s coming out in 2017. As I wrote yesterday, I found it odd that Nintendo would continue to heavily market the game if it was truly delayed. They are releasing new screens and concept art on a weekly basis, all of the public-facing promotion has included Zelda, and the idea that a brand new 3D Mario game would replace it as the launch game just didn’t add up. Of course, things change and rumors can be wrong, so this is still not fact until Nintendo gives us an official date. Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer as next Thursday night we should get the information we desire.



But, we may not have to wait that long. That’s because apparently a print magazine has finalized details on the Switch and some of the games and history has shown the information tends to come out either via leaks or subscribers getting the issue too early. I’m assuming it’s Game Informer that has the cover story since that’s really the only big gaming magazine left in the U.S., and the new issue should be going out either this week or next week – unless they purposely are holding it back until after the January 12 reveal, which could be a real possibility. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the issue get leaked somehow, and if it does we will have the breaking news.



As for Zelda apparently making the March launch of Nintendo Switch, I couldn’t be happier. I had already prepared myself for it to come out later in the year, so if this becomes true and I can play it in two months I’ll be ecstatic. It’s been my most anticipated game for a couple years now and it will truly be amazing if it’s only two months from release. Here’s hoping!


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