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Rumor: Rabbids Kingdom Battle To Be Shown Next Week

Back in November, Switch news leaker Laura Dale of Let’s Play Video Games revealed that Ubisoft and Nintendo are working on a brand new crossover game. This new title would combine the Mario RPG world with the Rayman Raving Rabbids intellectual property. She had said at the time:


The title will focus on the Mario universe being invaded by Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters, some friend and some foe, and will feature a new Bowser form based around the design of the Rabbids as a recurring boss enemy. While there will be numerous cameo appearances from the Mario series’ best known characters, the core party will feature numerous, more minor characters. There is a particular focus on Yoshi as a primary party member, alongside a playable Rabbid.


She also claimed the crossover RPG would be a launch title. Around the same time we were hearing that the new 3D Mario game that Nintendo teased in its Switch preview video might be coming out on Switch launch day as well. These two rumors didn’t sit well with me because, despite the genre difference, I highly doubt Nintendo would release two Mario games on the same day.


Would Nintendo put two Mario games on Switch at launch?


So, fast forward to today and Laura has clarified a couple of things. First up she says that the final name for this game is going to be Rabbids Kingdom Battle. She also mentions that one of her sources is telling her the game could be pushed back to September instead of making it for launch. This might make more sense if the 3D Mario game is still slated as a launch game, but given that it’s looking more likely that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to be a launch game, I still think the 3D Mario will come out later in the year. Of course, this is all speculation and until Nintendo (or Ubisoft) makes an official announcement, view all of this information with a healthy shade of skepticism.

One last note to mention, Laura reports that Rayman Legends is getting ported to the Switch and should arrive sometime in the second quarter. I have no objections to more games coming to the Switch, but I hope companies are going to price them appropriately, especially in this case where the game was already available for Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One – increasing the chances that gamers have already experienced it.

Expect many more rumors and leaks to happen over the next nine days leading up to the Switch press conference. We will continue to bring you the latest.


[Source: Laura Dale]


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