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More Switch Accessories Revealed

We’re only hours away from the official Nintendo Switch reveal and more pictures are leaking out of some of the accessories coming out for Nintendo’s new device. This isn’t too surprising to anyone who has ever followed leaks on new iPhones and other devices. It always seems like the weakest link is with the accessory manufacturers when it comes to non-disclosure agreements.

Some of these accessories we’ve seen before, like the Hori arcade stick, but now with better clarity. The one surprising accessory is the Joy-Con shell that transforms it into an actual controller, making it easier to handle for people with bigger hands.


Another piece of art that caught my eye was the dimensions for the Switch’s Game Cards. Now, I’m not sure if this size is confirmed from official documentation or an estimation based on sizes of other components. So far now, file that one under the rumor category, but we should know soon enough!


[Source: Pixelpar]

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