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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has 40 Hours Battery Time

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is definitely looking like a must-have accessory. It’s got a regular D-Pad, which is a necessity when playing 2D platforming games or fighting games. It also helps that it looks like it’s a very comfortable size and should fit gamers’ hands quite well.

It’s packed with technology to keep it compatible with as many games as possible on the Switch. Unlike the Pro Controller on the Wii U, this one has built-in acceleration and gyro sensors, so you can use it in games like Splatoon 2 for precise aiming. It also features Nintendo’s new HD Rumble for more detailed vibration. It’s got NFC inside so you can simply tap your amiibo right to the controller. It charges via USB Type-C and takes about six hours to fully charge.

But, perhaps the best feature of all is that the battery lasts about 40 hours when fully charged! That’s incredible, especially when compared to the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock, which I have to charge pretty much after any play session or risk it going dead the next time I game.



Of course, not all is golden with this new controller. It doesn’t feature a headset jack, which is a strange omission. It also costs a pretty penny: $69.99! Yikes! For some reason it’s also not up for pre-order yet at any of the national retailers. Oh well, I’m not sure I’m in a rush to nab one at launch anyway as I don’t think there will be any games. Full stop. OK, actually what I meant to write was, I don’t think there will be any games I want to purchase at launch that would necessitate owning the Pro Controller. Still, I know I’ll want one in the future. Hopefully I can find it at a lower price on sale.


[Source: Nintendo of Japan]


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