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Super Mario Odyssey Direct Feed Gameplay Clip (Japanese)

One of the most exciting games shown at the Nintendo Switch Presentation was Super Mario Odyssey. The game looks stunning and is returning to its Super Mario 64 and Sunshine sandbox game design. The unique worlds and semi-realistic city with regular-sized people walking around may seem jarring and confusing at first glance, but I’m sure the game will deliver.

The unfortunate part was that it wasn’t playable at any of the hands-on events. Luckily it’s been confirmed to be coming to E3, but that’s so far away. Nintendo of Japan couldn’t resist showing just a little bit of the game, so here’s a short video showing off some of Mario’s moves.



We will keep you up to date on Super Mario Odyssey as it makes its way toward the holiday 2017 launch. Hop on over to our preview for more updates.


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