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Nintendo Switch Game Card Size Compared To 3DS

Whenever a brand new system is revealed and we get closer to the launch, it’s fun to dive into the details surrounding it. I’m always eager to see what the system boxes and game boxes will look like. With Nintendo’s handheld line the cartridges have stayed pretty much the same size. Now that the Nintendo Switch is almost here (March 3), we are finally getting a good look at the new Game Card size.



Our first glimpse of the actual Game Card came during the Nintendo Treehouse Live stream when Nate held up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the camera. We got to see how small the Game Cards truly are, and also that they look a bit thick. Check out the photos from that stream below:



But how big are they compared to the 3DS cartridges? Well, Pixelpar has been great at illustrating some of the size differences. The latest illustration shows off how big the Switch Game Card is compared to the 3DS cart. It’s definitely slimmer and a bit shorter. In some ways it reminds us of a Vita game or an SD Card. We’re going to have to be extra careful to not lose these!



[Source: Pixelpar]


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