Super Bomberman R New Screens & Price

One of the launch titles that I’m most excited about for the Nintendo Switch is Super Bomberman R. I have fond memories of playing Super Bomberman on the Super Nintendo and staying up all night battling it out with friends. Saturn Bomberman’s disc is constantly in the Sega Saturn and whenever I get a group together we try to always play a few rounds of that as well. So, the Switch version is a no-brainer, especially since it’s been forever since we last got a game in the series.

Today Konami announced that the game would retail for $49.99. It had been previously listed on sites at $59.99, so the $10 reduction is nice. Could it be lower? Of course! But, I’m willing to pay the Bomberman tax on this one, since it looks like so much fun. Plus, if you have Gamer Club Unlocked at Best Buy or Amazon Prime you can get 20% off, which brings it down to $39.99 anyway.

Konami also released some new screens. Remember, Super Bomberman R launches alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017. For more screens and video, check out our preview.



Craig Majaski

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