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Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Strategy Guide Leaks Details

[Updated 2/17/17 – Guides at GameStop & Amazon]:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guides have finally appeared on GameStop’s site. Right now they are taking pre-orders on the Standard Edition as well as the Collector’s Edition. They aren’t currently carrying the Deluxe Edition, but they will probably add that later as it gets closer to its new March 31 date. The other two guides arrive alongside the game on March 3, 2017.

If you’re looking to score a Deluxe Edition of the guide, you can do so at Barnes & Noble and also at Amazon. Just remember you’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive.


[Updated 2/10/17 – Pre-Orders Start In North America]:

Since the posting of our original article, Amazon has begun taking pre-orders on the Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild guides! Still no word on the Deluxe Edition pre-order, but when we find out we will update the site.


[Original Article]:

We know many of our readers are eagerly anticipating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game launches in under six weeks (March 3, 2017), and we also know that many people will want to pre-order the official strategy guide. As we reported last month, there will be three editions of the guide available at retail:



The image of the standard edition guide has been updated with the official artwork from the cover of the game. Amazon UK has put the regular guide and the Collector’s Edition up for pre-order in that country.



In the description for the guide, Amazon gives us a few facts that we didn’t know previously. If you’re adverse to spoilers (although not really story spoilers) you might not want to continue reading. According to Amazon the guide will provide:


· AT-A-GLANCE WALKTHROUGHS: Annotated maps and screenshots show you the way through every quest and dungeon.

· UTTERLY COMPREHENSIVE: 120 Shrine mini-dungeons, 900 Korok seed puzzles, 76 side quests all mapped out and ready for you to discover and complete! Also includes optional challenges, mini-games, unlockables, Easter eggs, and more.

· PUZZLE MASTER: Every single puzzle and riddle unraveled with clear, visual solutions.

· EXPERT COMBAT STRATEGY: Practical, reproducible tactics to crush your enemies, even the toughest bosses.

· COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE: Exhaustive appraisals of all items and monsters including key parameters that are hidden in the game.

· FREE MAP POSTER: covering the entire game world.

·QUALITY CONTROL: carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers.


So, the guide outs the number of Shrines (mini-dungeons) as well as the number of side quests and puzzles. Not major spoilers for most of us, but still some might not want to know those details.

With the game launching so soon, many are wondering when the strategy guides will go up for pre-order in North America. We are hoping they should start appearing on sites this coming week, but we’re not privy to any inside knowledge. As soon as they do go up for pre-order, we will update this story as well as issue a new one. Keep checking back!


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