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New Details Emerge Regarding Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s UK branch updated its official Nintendo Switch page today. By now most of the information contained there has been revealed in prior news reports here on Nintendo Times, but a few new nuggets have come to light.

Although we’re still waiting on Nintendo to fully explain its online program, including how its mobile app is going to work with online lobbies, it does appear that managing friends can be done directly on the Nintendo Switch itself. According to the site:


“From the HOME Menu, you can start games and select game settings. In addition to managing friends and user accounts, you can also change your system settings here.”



Another interesting clarification is the the audio jack located on the top of the Nintendo Switch is used for “connecting commercially available headphones, microphones, or headsets”. This would suggest that voice chat might be able to take place directly through the system, but past statements from Nintendo have suggested that you’ll need an app on your mobile device to do this. So, it’s still up in the air how voice chat is going to operate on the new system, but hopefully Nintendo clears that up sometime soon.

The Right Joy-Con houses the HOME Button. Just like the Wii U GamePad, the ring around the button will light up and flash when you have a new notification.

The Nintendo Switch Dock has three USB ports, one in the back and two on the side. We already knew this, but some had missed the part about them being 2.0 at the onset. The site states that “USB 3.0 support is planned for the future” for the back USB port. This would be important if Nintendo decides to allow external hard drives to be connected in the future.



Users can expect a day one update to the Nintendo Switch. One of the things that will need to be updated is its support of microSDXC memory cards. According to the site, “an update via an internet connection is required to use microSDXC memory cards”. Let’s just hope the update isn’t a huge file and the servers don’t melt. This was an issue with the Wii U launch.

Speaking of updates, we also know that the Capture button functionality will be improved sometime after launch. From the outset it will be able to take screenshots of your games, but in the future Nintendo has said that it will as video recording functionality.

For more information on the Nintendo Switch’s User Interface, check out our previous story. Here are many of the games announced so far for the Switch. Plus, if you’re hunting down some add-ons, we have our Switch Accessory Buyer’s Guide for you to peruse.


[Source: Nintendo UK]


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