Fire Emblem Heroes My Nintendo Rewards Up

As many reader already know, My Nintendo is the reward site that offers up missions and reward points for completing specific tasks in Nintendo’s mobile games. Fire Emblem Heroes is launching on February 2, and the site has been updated with new missions. You can earn an easy 100 Platinum Points by simply linking your game to your My Nintendo account. 900 more Platinum Points can be earned by completing the game’s 9 chapters. It’s unclear if there are more chapters to the game or if that’s just where the mission rewards stop.



Of course you can also redeem Platinum Points for in-game items in Fire Emblem Heroes. There are various ones to choose from, including:



We will have much more on Fire Emblem Heroes, including a full review in the near future. For more information, be sure to check out our preview.


[Source: Go Nintendo]


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