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Tank Troopers has an official release date in North America: February 16, 2017. It will be released on the eShop as a digital download game and features local multiplayer battles. The Nintendo UK site has updated with new information that should be applicable to our release as well:


Operate more than 30 different tanks with intuitive controls and slog it out with the enemy in a number of expansive maps, complete with destructible environments. Perch on a faraway hill and aim through the periscope to expertly place your shots, or face your enemies head on with a frontal assault!

Rally the troops and buckle up for a Panzer bonanza in explosive local multiplayer matches for up to six players. With Download Play, you can enjoy six-player skirmishes with just one copy of the game between you – no soldier left behind! If you consider yourself a one-man army, there’s an action-packed single-player campaign with 30 objective-based missions where you can hone your tank-based tactics.

Want a little extra firepower? You can augment your abilities and get brand new ones by hiring Troopers! These wacky warriors ride alongside you in the hull, and they can supply increased firepower, improved mobility and more enhancements at the touch of a button. Some Troopers can even fire paintballs to block the enemy’s view, or stop them in their tracks entirely with a freeze attack. This is not your average vehicular warfare!

Using coins you’ve earned from battles, you can upgrade your arsenal by purchasing new tanks, recruiting new Troopers to join the fight, or even splashing out on a new paint job!

By hiring Troopers to ride turret-side, you can get access to all sorts of different powers and special abilities just by tapping the Touch Screen. Troopers can briefly pop up from the hatch to stop enemies in their tracks with electric shocks, obscure their view with paintballs, or put ‘em on ice with a freeze attack.

Some characters can even repair your armor on-the-fly or increase your speed, but be careful – when a Trooper’s power is activated, you’ll take more damage from enemy fire, so choose your moments wisely. Some tanks can carry up to four Troopers at once – who will you choose from this colorful bunch?

There are more than 30 vehicles to cause chaos in, many of which are based on real-world designs, like the legendary Panzer and T-34. Drop by the Garage to see what’s available, or to add a personal touch to the treachery with a variety of paint jobs!

Get together and cause carnage in hectic multiplayer matches for up to six players locally, or take on 30 action-packed missions in the single-player campaign. Whether you’re playing solo or with pals, there’s plenty of opportunity for military mayhem!

In Ranked matches, you’ll do battle in ground-based vehicular warfare where special abilities and crazy power-ups are just as crucial as your sharp shooting, precise piloting and strategic knowhow. Up to six players can split into squads and have at it in Team Battles, or jump into a chaotic Free-for-All where anything goes.

Spotted an enemy on the horizon? Peek down the periscope to get a better look at faraway targets, then line up your shots expertly, accounting for the distance. Once you’ve fired, you’ll have to wait for your turret to reload. Every shot counts, soldier!

Bomb Battle – In this frantic game mode, you and your squaddies will have to roll a giant bomb into your opponents’ base by shooting explosive rounds at it. The first team to bomb their opponents’ hideout twice are the victors. On the double, troops!

In single-player, you’ll face a gauntlet of 30 challenging missions that’ll test your ability on the battlefield. In Custom Tank mode, you can curate your own crew from the vehicles and Troopers you’ve unlocked, then put them through their paces. Meanwhile, in Take Orders mode, you’ll have to tackle missions with a pre-determined loadout. Are you up to the task?

Be sure to make good use of your Troopers’ abilities! You can fit up to four allies in your hull at once depending on your choice of ride, allowing for a range of showy attacks and robust defence options. Find the right balance of Troopers to suit your play style and switch between their abilities on-the-fly with the Touch Screen.

Each map is littered with power-ups that can help to turn the tide of battle in your team’s favour, or simply hammer home the victory. Grab one to disguise your tank as an inconspicuous shrub, replenish the stamina of your team’s Troopers, improve your reload times and more.

Use the environment to your advantage – take cover behind constructions, squat inside shrubbery and claim the high ground to really dominate the battlefield. Watch out, though – some scenery is destructible, so it can be blown away by the opposition, leaving you in a rather precarious position.


We have more video and screens at our preview page.


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