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1-2 Switch: Videos Of 18 Mini-Games

1-2 Switch is one of the craziest games making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It challenges you to play the game without looking at the screen. Instead, you’re encouraged to make eye contact with your fellow players and to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Some of these “games” are strange to say the least. Whether you want to milk a cow, rock a baby to sleep, or avoid popping the cork (hey I don’t make this stuff up), you’re in for a wild and crazy time with 1-2 Switch. Each video below represents one of eighteen mini-games. The final game’s tally will be at least twenty-eight. If you’d prefer to see all eighteen games in one video, scroll to the bottom of the page for the compilation.




















All 18 Videos Compiled Into One:


For more on 1-2 Switch, if you can handle it, swing on by our preview. There’s more to digest there until the game releases on March 3, 2017.


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