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Game Informer Asks 51 Questions About Zelda To Miyamoto & Aonuma

As we mentioned yesterday, the March issue of Game Informer has The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the cover. As part of its month-long coverage, Game Informer has uploaded a video where they ask Mr. Aonuma and Mr. Miyamoto a bunch of questions. There are 51 in all, although many of them are silly and just fun in nature.

A couple of tidbits did stick out, although it’s difficult to tell how serious Miyamoto and Aonuma are when answering them. For example, when asked if there will be a Paper Zelda game, Aonuma points to his Zelda shirt he’s wearing, and then says, “Paper Zelda will not be coming out today.” to which Game Informer replies, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance…” and Aonuma surprisingly says, “Oh, we’re working on it”. Now, watching the video it does look as if he might just be joking around, but it’s impossible to know for sure without being there in person. Don’t go playing games with our hearts Aonuma!



One part of the video that made me laugh was when Ben Reeves from Game Informer puts a coin under one of three cups, moves them around, and then has Aonuma pick the cup he thinks the coin is under. Lifting the cup is a scrawl of paper that simply reads, “2D Metroid Please”. Aonuma chuckles and takes the piece of paper with him. Hopefully that will become the catalyst for a new game in the series!

A few more details about Breath of the Wild were confirmed. It takes place after Ocarina of Time. Link’s last name is Link, with Miyamoto explaining he’s not human (Link, not Miyamoto). PETA will be glad to know that you can’t eat horses in the game. When asked if you can eventually get a snowboard for a shield, Aonuma says, “Yes”.



Out of nowhere Game Informer slipped in a question about Super Mario Odyssey, asking, “Does Pauline live in New Donk City?” (Pauline is the girl Mario had to rescue in Donkey Kong, and there are a ton of Donkey Kong references in New Donk City, one of the worlds in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey). Miyamoto responds, “I think so…”

It’s obvious everyone was having a fun time with this interview. I wouldn’t put too much stock in some of the answers, but it’s definitely worth a watch.


[Source: Game Informer]


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