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President Of Nicalis Praises Nintendo Switch

One of Nintendo’s earliest Indie developers for the Wii was Nicalis with Cave Story. Because of their history with Nintendo, they were able to get a Nintendo Switch development system rather early. According to Tyrone Rodriguez, who spoke to Polygon, the Switch’s development tools are way better than those seen on prior systems:


The Switch is, by far the easiest and most programmer friendly so far. I know this sounds like lip service to Nintendo, but it’s actually not. If this wasn’t true, we wouldn’t be able to get these games up and running as quickly as we have, and we wouldn’t be able to have a launch title. It’s light years ahead of what we were doing with Wii U.


That launch game, of course, is The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, a game that just released last month on PC. In addition to Redout and 1001 Spikes also coming Switch-side, Rodriguez intimated that “way more” games are in development for Nintendo’s new system. This is definitely a good sign that the system is easy to develop for as that could potentially mean more games from more developers.



[Source: Polygon]


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