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Skylanders Is Dead…Well At Least For This Year

It looks like Activision has run another annualized game into the ground. The question is, will Skylanders remain dead and buried or will it return with an all-new installment for consoles in 2018? On today’s Activision earnings call, they announced that the franchise would be taking a break and would not appear on consoles this year. A mobile game is in the works and a second season of Skylanders Academy has been approved.

Skylanders Imaginators is still scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, but it’s unclear how long the toy portion of the game will remain relevant. Without new game content, will retailers dump the toys and put the final nail in the coffin? Or is this simply the company taking a year off and then rebooting the franchise in 2018? Time will tell.


Craig Majaski

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2 thoughts on “Skylanders Is Dead…Well At Least For This Year

  • Brian Wright

    Toys R Us is already dumping older Skylanders with their current buy 1 get 4 free sale. Doesn’t seem to apply to Imaginators yet. Activision has been overdoing the Skylanders series. The car racing Skylanders was a bust. The current Imaginators set is not really fun and it doesn’t work very well on the Switch. The arguably best Skylanders game was Trap Team. Capturing the bad guys then using them as a Skylander was quite the novel idea and worked out well. If they would go back to Trap Team and do that one again, I think they might be able to recapture some of the market back. This time, though, they should make the Chaos trap much easier to find.

    • Yeah it’s crazy how a series can go from boom to bust so quickly. I think some companies need to learn that they don’t need to keep churning out a new game every year to be successful. Although I suppose with the Toy to Life sector they sort of had to keep making new toys to keep retail presence.


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