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The Binding Of Isaac Gets Reversible Cover On Switch

One of the cool things about the Nintendo Switch game cases is that they are made out of clear plastic. This allows publishers to create double-sided artwork that can be seen even when the case is open. This is nothing new or revolutionary, as some 3DS games and plenty of PS3 games have featured alternate covers. In Japan, many games are using the inside of the case for directions or more information about the game’s different modes of play.

Nicalis has chosen to use both sides of the cover for alternate covers. I like this approach as it gives  consumers some flexibility as to which to feature on their video game shelves. Hopefully more companies will take this approach in the future.



In other Nicalis news, it appears we might be seeing Cave Story + get a physical retail release on Switch. Of course nothing is confirmed, but they did tweet:



Yes, please. I’m liking this trend of releasing physical games. We wish I Am Setsuna would have followed suit in the U.S. like Japan.


[Source: Nicalis]


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