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Best Buy Stores Begin Setting Up Switch Interactive Displays

Many people were wondering how Nintendo would feature the Nintendo Switch at interactive kiosks. Due to its modular nature, it could be difficult to secure every single piece of the device. Plus, docking and undocking the Switch constantly over and over again in a retail store might result in broken systems. That’s not to say that Nintendo won’t find a way to get interactive demo stations out to retailers, but for now it appears they are taking the video route.

Phromik, a poster on Reddit, stopped by his local Best Buy in Richfield, Minnesota and saw that they had put up their interactive display. If you’re familiar with the amiibo interactive video screens displays up in many retailers, you’ll know how this one operates. There’s a touchscreen that allows users to play various videos that will inform them about the system and games.




We can’t help but be a little disappointed that the kiosk doesn’t let you actually play the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully not all retailers will be this way, and rumor has it that eventually all of them will be changed out later in the summer with working Switches. Luckily we only have to wait a little more than two weeks to play our own!


[Source: Reddit]


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