Nintendo Switch User Interface Footage

A user by the name of hiphoptherobot on NeoGAF has gotten his Nintendo Switch early. Way early! While he is indeed very lucky, he didn’t get any games with his system. At the request of many people, he created two videos. The first shows off the user interface of the Switch, something Nintendo has been very reluctant to do thus far. Not too much is learned from the brief walkthrough, but it definitely seems fast with no huge load times between screens.



One thing that did stand out to a few astute viewers is that Sleep Mode mentions: “Suspend Auto-Sleep While Playing Media Content: Prevents auto-sleep from activating while media content is playing. If this option is disabled, the console will still go to sleep after four hours of media playback.” Since we know the Switch doesn’t include services like Netflix or Hulu and doesn’t have an Internet browser, this is very interesting. Perhaps it’s just future proofing itself and we will soon have access to video apps.


Only two weeks until we get our Switches! Are you excited yet?


[Source: hiphoptherobot on NeoGAF]

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