Nintendo Takes Action: Employee Of U.S. Distributor Of Switch Fired; Criminal Investigation

A few days ago a user on NeoGAF by the name of hiphoptherobot snapped pictures of a Nintendo Switch he had supposedly received early from a retailer. He proceeded to upload video of the Switch operating system and user interface. As it turns out, he didn’t purchase the system from a legitimate store, but instead through a third party. In reality the Switch he bought was stolen from Nintendo. He claims that he didn’t know that at the time, and has since returned the system back to Nintendo, without any type of reimbursement. He will have to try and get his money back from the source he purchased the unit from (good luck).

Since then, IGN reached out to Nintendo for comment and Nintendo responded:


“Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time.”

Never underestimate the Nintendo ninjas! They will find you.

[Source: IGN]

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