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Ultimate Chicken Horse Preview

Ultimate Chicken Horse has been available on Steam for about a year now and it’s finally migrating over to the console space. In addition to the standard PS4 and Xbox One ports, Clever Endeavor has decided to bring its game over to the Nintendo Switch. Ultimate Chicken Horse relies heavily on a multiplayer experience, so it makes perfect sense to create a version for the Switch, a system that has two controllers right out of the box.

In some ways, Ultimate Chicken Horse reminds a little bit of Super Mario Maker, except way more devious in nature. Players take turns adding elements to the course and earn points by creating levels that they can pass, but the others cannot. You’ll be able to place platforms, traps, blocks, and more to make increasingly zany levels. The trick becomes making them passable for you, but not for others. The game has been a big hit on PC, and it looks like it could find real success on the Switch later this year. The team is aiming for a late summer release, but as with all game development, it could slide into fourth quarter. We’ll keep you updated!



Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer that flips between strategic level building and intense platforming.

Build the level by placing blocks, projectiles, traps, and hazards, then try to reach the flag. If you can make it but your friends can’t, you get points! Repeat the process as you place more platforms to make the level crazier and more dangerous, and try to screw your friends over without screwing yourself. The result of this unique game flow is that every player becomes a designer and a player at once, responsible for creating dastardly levels without ever feeling like they’re really going into “level editor” mode.

You score points for reaching the end of the level (as long as at least one other person fails), for getting there first, for placing traps that stopped other players, for being the only one to reach the end, or for picking up coins placed by players and bringing them to the end of the level.

Key Features

  • Unique game flow, from strategic block placement to twitch control platforming

  • Huge library of blocks to create an infinite variety of levels

  • Play as a chicken, horse, sheep, and other wonderful animals

  • Fun, cartoony art style

  • Sweet funky soundtrack


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