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Weekly Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screenshot

It’s almost impossible to believe that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally almost here! Coming out next Friday, March 3, our hype is through the roof! Every week for the past several months the official Zelda Facebook page has been posting a screenshot every week. This week it posted two, one today like normal and one two days ago. We made the editorial decision to not post the screenshot from two days ago because it showed off a creature that hadn’t been seen before up to that point. So feel free to check out the Facebook post if that’s of interest to you.

As for today’s screenshot, it depicts Link doing battle on a bridge. It’s sword against spear in this fight and it looks as if the enemy might have the upper hand with all of its armor and wide reaching weapon. In the distance we can make out Split Rock mountain and to the right of that appears to be a rock wall, and possibly a town or settlement on the other side with palm trees.



Soon enough we won’t have to speculate any longer as we will be able to explore every inch of Hyrule ourselves. We can hardly contain our excitement! For more screens, videos, and information stop by our preview. It’s been constantly updated with the latest media.


Craig Majaski

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