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Nintendo Switch Battery Life Details

When Nintendo showed off the Switch last month at its presentation, it revealed that the battery inside the system could last more than six hours, depending on a variety of factors. Obviously, the type of game being played will have a big determination on battery life. Nintendo estimated that when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that the charge would last approximately 3 hours.

GameXplain decided to put that claim to the test. They didn’t go easy on the Switch, though. They made sure the volume and brightness were turned all the way up. After all was said and done, the system lasted just short of 2.5 hours. Obviously this time could be extended by lowering the brightness and the audio, as well as turning the wi-fi off if you’re not going to need it. Other games will undoubtedly last longer, but it’s good to see how long the battery lasts under extreme conditions.



Digital Foundry did an unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch. Toward the end of the video they decided to hook up a USB-C portable battery to the system to see if it would accept it and charge. Sure enough, it worked just fine! This is great news for those that travel often or are planning a long trip.



The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017. Just one more week to go!


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