Weekly Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art & New Screen Shows Photo Mode

It’s just one week until The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally releases. It’s a moment many of us have been waiting years for, and it can be very difficult to avoid spoilers at this stage. We’re sticking to only posting official pictures and artwork to try and minimize our readers’ exposure to potential spoilers. Plus, we honestly want to go into the game knowing as little as possible so the discoveries are fresh and exciting. So, with that out of the way, be careful looking too closely at the screenshot at the end of the article. It reveals a Photo Mode in the game where you can pose Link and take a snapshot. This is nothing new to the series, but it’s nice to see confirmation that it exists in the new game. However, the creature Link is standing next to is something new, so you’ve been warned.

First up is the new piece of artwork that Nintendo has released for the game. It features some concept images of one of the enemy creatures in the game. We’ve seen him before. In fact, the Treehouse did battle with some of them during the Game Awards last year. It appears they come in different colors, which could give an indicator as to how tough they are, or perhaps they match their environments.



Next up is a screen that was shared on Nintendo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. It was captioned “1 Week!”, as it’s only one week until Zelda and the Switch come out. In this screen we can see that Link is posing in front of a creature, apparently called a Blue Hinox. It’s hard to know if it’s friendly or an enemy, but it looks very big. In the background are mushroom-like platforms growing out of the ground. Also, is that a bubble in the upper left of the screen?



For much more on Zelda, check out our two page preview. It contains all of the updates we’ve done over the past year and has tons of videos and screens. March 3 is nearly here! We will have a full review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch after launch.


[Source: Zelda Facebook]


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