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Nintendo Switch Battery Test Comparisons

Battery life is always a concern with a portable device, such as the Nintendo Switch. A wide variety of factors can have a direct impact on how much juice you can squeeze out of a single charge. Screen brightness, wireless functionality, graphically taxing games, and sound volume can all be factors.



The fine folks at Family Gamer TV decided to put the Switch to the test and find out how its battery stacks up to other portable machines. Nintendo’s own estimates put the device lasting somewhere between 2.5 and 6 hours, with a game like Zelda most likely coming in around the 3 hour mark. The findings from Family Gamer TV put the Nintendo Switch ahead of some of its recent machines.



The way they tested all of the units was to put the screen brightness to maximum with no software running and all wireless functions enabled. Since the older machines like Game Boy and Game Boy Advance didn’t have wireless features, they put a game in to be more fair. The results?


  • DSi – 2.41hrs
  • 3DS – 3.25hrs
  • iPod Touch 2 – 3.39hrs
  • 2DS – 3.55hrs
  • Game Boy Advance SP – 3.59hrs
  • iPad 2 – 4.00hrs
  • iPad Air – 4.04hrs
  • New 3DS – 4.04hrs
  • iPod Touch 3 – 4.13hrs
  • DS Lite – 4.51hrs
  • PSP – 4.56hrs
  • GBA Micro – 4.57hrs
  • Vita – 5.01hrs
  • Nintendo Switch – 5.12hrs
  • iPad Mini 2 – 5.39hrs
  • DS – 6.51hrs
  • New 3DS (XL Mugen Battery) – 15.02hrs
  • GBA – 29.32hrs
  • Game Boy – 31.12hrs
  • Game Boy Color – 35.45hrs

It looks like it holds up fairly well under these conditions. It’s not the best of the bunch, but it’s certainly not the worst. Of course, expect about 2 hours less if you’re playing graphically intensive games like Zelda.


[Sources: Family Gamer TV & Nintendo Life]


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