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Blaster Master Zero Preview

I’m beyond excited to see that Blaster Master Zero is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This digital-only release will come to the eShop on March 9, 2017 for both Nintendo 3DS and Switch. We have covered details of the game before here, but there’s some new information and videos so I wanted to throw a preview page up so all of the media is in one spot.

The first thing you need to know is that Blaster Master Zero isn’t just a remake with prettier graphics. The team at Inti Creates used the graphics and level design from the original Blaster Master as a starting point to create familiarity with the original game. There are new bosses to fight, new areas to explore, and a bunch of new features and upgrades.



Just like the NES classic, the game plays out in two distinct ways. The game begins as a side-scrolling action/adventure game that shares some DNA with the Metroid series. The levels are free roaming, meaning you’ll often go to a place to get a specific power-up and then backtrack to use that power-up to reach new areas. You play as Jason who has discovered a powerful tank, named Sophia III. It’s a versatile vehicle that can shoot in all directions and even jump. As you further your quest you’ll find upgrades for Sophia, like a hover ability, and sticky wheels to climb walls.



At any point you can jump out of the tank and play as Jason. In the overworld this can be very dangerous as he’s just a small person compared to the huge enemies that lurk. There are caverns and dungeons that can only be accessed by him. Upon entering these, the viewpoint changes to an overhead camera, not unlike The Legend of Zelda. These labyrinths will contain special power-ups for Jason’s gun and there will often be a big bad boss waiting at the end.



Although the game is coming to both 3DS and Switch, Nintendo’s new console does get some exclusive features. In fact, with the Switch version you and a buddy can team up and play co-op! One person controls the game like normal, and the other uses a special cursor to provide cover fire. In addition, the support player has a special sub-weapon called the Eraser Bomb that can be used to nullify enemy projectiles and destroy weak enemies. The extra player can also drop support items to help out in especially difficult times.



The Switch version also utilizes the Joy-Con controllers’ HD Rumble. Right from the start of your adventure you’ll feel Sophia III roar to life. Special instances throughout the game will be enhanced with this new technology.

Blaster Master Zero will only be $9.99 for the 3DS and Switch. If it’s anything like the original, this game will be well worth the asking price. Let’s hope it’s not quite as brutally difficult as the NES classic! For more information, be sure to check out the official Blaster Master Zero site. We will have a full review after the game releases.


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